Sunday, February 7, 2010

Did you realize you made it?

It's February 2010 - the 2nd month into a new year! It's still winter - gray trees and dull grass and cold air. But there is a comfort in knowing that it won't be this way forever. Even though we have to bundle up today, we know it will change some day. It always does - at least here in southern New England.

Having a previous experience that changes and knowing it will happen again. Like faith in God. You may have been in a situation before and thinking positive and praying to get through it and then it happened - you were on the other side of it. It just hit you one day. You weren't in the trenches of the situation anymore. It was over. Your heart rate is slower. You are sleeping better. You are smiling more. You feel more grounded.

Did you reflect on the experience? Did you recognize that your prayers helped you? Was there a common thread of positive thoughts and a believe that you would survive the situation?

Somewhere in the process, you learned something...something about yourself, something about another person, something about a process, something about the strength of prayer. Whatever the learning, recognize it and be grateful for it. Embrace this feeling of calmness and gratitude. It can provide a source of strength for your next life experience!