Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Helping others in order to help myself

I am going to give it a try...

I have been in a funk lately and I don't like it. The tickertape that is running through my head is overwhelming and nothing good is coming from it. Even though I am thinking about how good I would feel if the thoughts in my head were positive and productive, I so easily come back to the list of to-dos and expectations associated with every move I make.

Instead of trying to make myself think of something different and stop and recognize my accomplishments, I am going to stop thinking! Well, not completely. I am going think enough so I get things done that need to get done but I am going to get into action. This action is going to be focused on OTHERS and not on myself.

I have been here before. If I get out of my own way and do things to help others, then I will feel my goodness and see my accomplishments. I know when I talk to others and make it about them, it makes a big difference in both of us. I smile more and see more reasons to smile. This, of course, creates a domino effect of smiles and good things.

This morning it started...I stopped at the store and bought a vase of flowers for my co-workers/friend's birthday :-) It was such an unexpected surprise for her and I can hear her telling everyone about the surprise and how pretty the flowers are!

This is going to be a nice day!

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