Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great ideas at strange times

I am so excited! I usually get some great ideas just as I am falling asleep - after I have cleared (most) of the noise from my head. Last night was no exception. I have been wondering how to be able to post more frequently. I carry around a small notebook in my pocketbook but don't always think to jot down something in it and if I do write down a thought, I don't always look at it again for a while. So good idea - not able to execute on my desired timing.

My idea last night about how to blog more regularly came with the thought to try to log into my blog page from my corporate job. Shhhhhh. I don't think this is totally wrong because I won't abuse it, it won't be for hours on end, and it will be to benefit myself and those who follow my post. So win/win all around :-)

I am laughing because I didn't even write this idea to try out down. What I normally do when I have an idea in bed is to get up and write it down else I am fearful that I will forget it. But this idea was SO good that I didn't write it down and I didn't forget about it :-)

So this works great! I know I have more opportunity for ideas to write while I am at my corporate day job - it's just the environment plus the people are great.

Look for more frequent and varied postings from this day forward. I am so excited to have asked the question, been provided a solution, heard the solution and acted on it! So many wins! How will I celebrate??

Be grateful for the little things and make it a great day!

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Jennifer said...

I am super exicited Janina. Just think of what we could come up with together! We need to make a recurring plan. :)