Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The universe is sending me messages :-)

I love it when I have my eyes open and I get signals that I am doing the right thing! I was on the phone 2 weeks ago for one of my coaching classes and I was talking about taking my idea of a women's support group further. I had a "kick off" with a pot luck and we watched the first episode of Oprah's new life series. We learned about putting ourselves back on our to-do lists. That was a great time and I wanted to talk about how I could keep it going and do a good job to benefit both the attending women and myself.

This other coaching student referred me to Cheryl Richardson's web site. She is a life coach and has lots of experience - and has written a book - on forming groups and how to run them so they are successful. On her web site I noticed this book called The Art of Extreme Self Care. It sounded like such a great book that I bought it for myself.

As soon as I get this book and start reading it, a friend from work sends me a link to Cheryl's segment on Good Morning America! She did ran a group there (I don't know how long it was) but the video clip showed her interacting with some of the women and common issues we face in always saying YES and spreading ourselves too thin and not taking care of ourselves.

Amazing the trail that I have been on with talking about this support group, heading to Cheryl's web site, ordering her book and then having someone in my support group (who didn't know about this person/book otherwise) send me a video clip of her and her work! It's meant to be! I am so excited and sure now that this is something I should be doing :-)

Oh - and loving that I posted twice today from my corporate job! Capturing the emotion of the topic in the moment! I love it!

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