Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Your attitude can change everything

I went to work (corporate job) on Monday morning with an overwhelming feeling and seeing a busy morning schedule with back to back meetings where I was doing more than just showing up. I was presenting and leading the meetings. This is becoming the norm (which I am not liking). Since I usually look at Monday mornings as new beginnings, I decided to refocus my energy and thoughts on the others in the meeting instead of myself. I decided that I wouldn't worry about how busy my day was and what I had to do but instead cleared my mind of everything except for what I had to do for that meeting time. I took the focus off of myself and my concerns and worked to be present for the topic at hand.

The change happened immediately and I had to chuckle to myself as I watched things unfold in front of my eyes! I had a slower more patient pace in my speaking. The flow of my words seemed to sound more efficient. I listened for the progress the members of the meeting had made on the project to this point and I acknowledged them for coming so far in such a short period of time. I could hear them smiling in their voices (they were on the phone). The overall energy and attitude was very positive and very comfortable.

I did have another meeting right after that one (in person meeting) and I tried the same approach - to be thinking of the people present and the topic at hand for the time being. I was able to think clearer and not be distracted by incoming emails and thinking about the rest of my day. The meeting was very productive.

I had 2 more meetings that day with breaks in between. I got quite a bit accomplished!

I had evening plans...I was having a home party (wine tasting and jewelry combined). Initially I was worried (for the past few days I might add) about who would be there and how it would go with a combined presentation and how parking in my driveway would turn out. With these thoughts, I knew I wouldn't be able to "be present" and enjoy myself. So it was a very conscious decision to be okay with the way it turned out - whatever that looked like, whoever showed up, who didn't, who bought what and so on. I decided that everyone is adults and everyone is responsible for their own actions! I can only be responsible for my attitude and I saw how it changed everything!

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Jennifer said...

You did it again Janina. You have made me stop, breath deep and refocus. I was happy to see you last night and it was because I was going to be seeing you and know I could inhale your positivity that I decided (and tell Dom why it was important for me to go) to come over. Sorry I did not bring anything-ops!