Monday, March 30, 2009

Validation and triggers

Because I work very closely with databases and programming on a daily basis, the words validation and triggers bring to mind something very different than what I am writing about today. This isn't a post of technical education but rather of self validation and triggers that are received or put in place to help accomplish a task.

I have been thinking, again, about how I can write and post more frequently. I had a discussion with myself (some people have witnessed this and get quite concerned - ha ha ha). I asked myself the question, which I have asked myself before, do I find value in writing and posting? Is it beneficial for others; those people who I am serving? The universe replies with a loud 'yes'! Friends who read my posts, newsletters or emails tell me (when I need to hear it most) they are inspired by my words and wait patiently for the next release. Well, okay then. There's the validation for me to write!

Now what about those triggers? I know writing is something that I like to do and it is well received but how can I do it more often? What reminders or what kind of sticky notes do I need to keep me writing more often than I do now? I did write a blog about being okay with when I write and post. And as I go through this situation, I am reminded that I accept what I am able to accomplish and to celebrate when I do write.

What I am feeling that goes along with that is consistency...what do the people who I am serving need? What is my posting frequency saying? Do I want to create a sense of curiosity and surprise my readers or do I want to create a more consistent action of showing up?

After some further thinking, it might be true for me in this situation that I am working through some self doubt. I hold back being myself because I am just not sure what others will think. I am chuckling to myself as I write this. Not to deviate too far, I signed up to receive a weekly email from a highly respected life coach that I know. I just received Week 8 issue this morning. It's title is Who Cares What Others Think!! Coincidence? I think NOT! This is a huge message just for me and to guide me and support me in walking one step at a time down this path of writing.

One of the things noted in Who Cares What Others Think is so true after I think about it: It truly is none of my business what other people think of me, but it is my business what I think of ME! Everyone has their own opinion which is based on a whole bunch of stuff that lead them to this moment. Everyone WILL have an opinion of what I do and not everyone will find what I write valuable. However, there is someone, even if the only person is me, who finds value in what I do!

Week 8's message ends with this: The confidence and energy I gain from letting go of what others think will make me most attractive to others. Hummm...that's a warming thought :-)

I am posting this today for me. I like it. I find value in it. I am being myself. I know this will touch someone. I may never know who and how...and will continue to write because I know I will receive messages of some sort to reinforce to me that I am doing the right thing. I will watch for those triggers which will help me keep on task.

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