Thursday, June 4, 2009

Homesick? I made it NOT about me!

Today is day 3 into my trip. I still can't believe I am really in Bulgaria! I flew 7 hours to London in business class (wonderful experience and quite fun), two hour layover which went by fast because Heathrow airport is not easy to get around, then another 3 hours to Sofia in business class which seemed like regular size seats - they just fed us a lot of food. I met a really nice gentleman on the flight to London. We were meant to sit next to each other so I would be more relaxed and enjoy the experience...he travels all over the world, lives life to the fullest (life isn't a rehearsal he said), tries new things, does what he wants, owns his own company, is married with a 3 year old son, survived a bad car accident and survived a rare tongue cancer. I don't know how old he was but in his 50s anyway. Yea - things happen for reasons. I guess I wasn't ready to think about anything except what I was going through myself so I needed a distraction. It worked.

We had a long day today. I woke up at 3:30 am! It was actually nice-after I decided to go with it. I wasn't tired nor irritated that I didn't sleep long. I did some reading and some writing. It was actually relaxing.

Work was very productive and I met a lot of new people! All of these folks are learning something new - I am part of a team who taught them and have been working with them for the past couple of months. It is neat to see them working and executing using their new information. The day went by very quickly since we were so busy with more detailed training based on issues that came up. I love doing this type of work!

There was a point this afternoon when I thought I was going to crack...a little bit of being tired, a little bit of jet lag, a little bit being hungry and a little bit of missing home. I felt this overwhelming feeling like I wanted to tap my heels together 3 times and be home. I had enough and wanted to be back to normal. But I thought "I can't do that. I am here. My job isn't finished. I can help these people more so they can do a better job of understanding the work and deliver higher quality." It took me a few minutes but I was able to calm myself down and refocus. That isn't to say that I wasn't tired and hungry and missed home and wanted to be with my boys because I was feeling all of these things. And I acknowledged that. Then I thought about the team of people who I can help, and that we would be going out to a nice restaurant for dinner, and others were feeling the same way about wanting to be home.

I don't know much about jet lag except that it's hard to explain what it feels like and now I think I understand that. I was "off" today for a bit. Tired but not sleepy. Thinking but not focusing. Edgy but not irritated.

I have a mission and I know I am blossoming every hour I am here. Having people talk to me about a particular topic or share an experience at the right time, reading certain text at certain times, experiencing situations that force me to work through new feelings and find the tools to succeed are all part of my experience. Staying connected and having people be in touch is very encouraging for me! I am not doing this alone. I am never alone.

Be very you live - not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is.
-Ephesians 5:15-17

Thought for the Day
Today I will pay attention to God's nudges.

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Jennifer said...

You are a patient and kind teacher and these 'new people' are so lucky to have you there....although we all wish you could tap your heels and be home.