Saturday, June 6, 2009

A little about the people and food in Sofia

Today is Saturday. Yesterday was a very long work day and things went very well! The team of folks we are working with are outstanding! They are young, smart, passionate, committed, eager to learn, and young (I know I already mentioned that)! We met the co-founder of the company and other management people. It's one of those environments where the co-founder knows the details of the work and is approachable. There isn't a lot of corporate stuff between the layers of management. It is very professional yet very comfortable.

Dinner last night was wonderful! We are trying to figure out why the people here are mostly very thin. There is a lot of walking (being a busy city where driving is only for the very brave) and food is everywhere. We are thinking its the kind of food and how it's cooked that keeps people thin. It's very tasty but must not be from additives like we have. They use lots of seasonings and the ingredients themselves are tasty. There seems to be a balance of fruits, vegetables, potatoes and meats. And the desserts - yum! The thing about eating is that I am not feeling totally bloated after - even though I am eating very well. It may also be about portion size - the plates are heaping like we expect at home.

Sofia hasn't gotten strict about their public smoking. There is smoking in most places. Restaurants have a smoking and non-smoking section. I remember when we had the split and the non-smoking section was better but not that great. It's that way here. I can smell the smoke but I am not as effected (headache wise) as I thought I would be. It must be all the walking and being outside in the air.

I think the people here are very attractive and thin for the most part. They look like they take a lot of pride in how they dress and attend to their hair and makeup. Like I mentioned before, they are very social. There's lots of couples walking and holding hands. I haven't seen a lot of people walking around alone.

The driving here is only for the brave. I seems like a game to most to see how close they can get without hitting the next car...ahead of them or next to them. They do use their turn signals, which is good, and then they go (change lanes). The cars are not clean like home but they aren't dented up either. It's interesting to me. I look at the driving, speed, stop and go, lane changing and expect to see damaged cars but I don't. The parking is new to me...along the street, along the sidewalk, on the sidewalk - 2 wheels of the same side of the car and some backed onto the sidewalk. I'll have to take some photos of the cars and parking. It makes me chuckle.

It's a different place here and I am seeing these differences. I am also noticing the similarities. This is their world and their life. It is good for them. They have families and friends and socialize and work and play and eat - just like us. They are other people living in the same world. We are connected in ways. I can feel that. I feel the same presence of my Lord here as I do at home. I feel stronger knowing that. I am grateful for seeing other areas of His work.


Charlie said...

Hi Janina,
We don't know if the first ommment went through. we are new at Blogging. We have enjoyed reading your notes. Glad you are having a good time. Take lots of pictures. Bring back some good recipes. See you SOON.
Love Dad & Mommy

Janina said...

Mom & Dad...I am so proud of you for venturing with technology! The first comment did not get to me but this one did! I will take lots of pictures Sunday as we are going to a part of the city with museums and such. Time is going by at a good pace for me and I am enjoying it all!
Love and hugs,

Jennifer said...

This is too cute. I love reading a mommy, daddy and daughter all 'blogging' to each other.