Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov 9 & 10: 30daysofthanks

I was thinking yesterday even though I didn't post of what I am thankful for...

Yesterday we heard re-organizational news at my corporate job. I am thankful that the leaders of our organization think and discuss the business decisions and announce them to us timely. I am thankful that although there are many changes in the works, that I have a job. I do like the work that I do and the people that I work with. The business decision that the company makes are out of my control. I do pray that people who are impacted by the upcoming changes walk into something much better!

Last night I enjoyed dinner with some wonderful ladies from church!! We all felt comfortable getting things off our chest and at the same time support each other. The food was good and the strengthening of our relationships was even better! Sheri (& Jane), Cami and Cindy...I love you ladies for everything that you bring at this time in our lives!!! It's perfect!

This morning, I told my son how proud I am of him. He got ready for school on time, came downstairs, made his breakfast AND his lunch without being told. He picks the 2 days a week that he can buy lunch from school and has to bring a lunch on the other days. He used the calendar on the refrigerator and did what had to be done. He has the night off (no meetings or practices on the schedule) and I don't have anything going on either. Today can be time we can hang out together :-)

I am happy I am going to get my hair done. I love my hairdresser...she is so passionate about her work and I always feel so special sitting in her chair, in the care of her heart and hands, and feel like a new woman when I leave her place and continue on my day's work!

I am thankful for my mother-in-law. She emailed me first thing when she saw the corporate news in the paper this morning and prayed for me and others effected at work. I reassured her that I am okay at this point. The fact she prayed for me and emailed me to let me know and make sure I was okay was so nice. I married into a very loving family.

Are you thinking (and writing) what you are thankful for every day this November? Why not start today? Make it official. It's fun and eye-opening. Go to www.30daysofthanks.com for more info.

Have a wonderful day full of gratitude!

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