Friday, May 29, 2009

Banking and other logistics for my trip

Who knew there were so many things to do before traveling? I am learning all about them! There's work money and do you get it now or later and if you get it now do you get it in US dollars or in the foreign currency. How much to get? Are there banks or ATMs near where you are staying? Are they "good"? What are the charges for performing these transactions?

Well, today I think this will be pretty much wrapped up. I'll have money that I need both personal and business. I'll get some foreign money sent to me on Monday (which is already in the works) so no further action required by me.

The airline has a web site where you can register your passport and flight. It is supposed to make the boarding process smoother and quicker. Okay. I did that. I still have to print out a boarding pass within 24 hours of my flight - hey now there is something I now how to do!!! I made myself a reminder - not like I have been thinking about ANYTHING except this trip so I shouldn't forget!

Also, register with the state...United States? Some web site that can have on record that you are traveling to another country. Its a good thing to tell someone other than family. Okay. I did that.

My cell phone isn't built for international calls so I'll be bugging those I am traveling with to call home from time to time. That's nice of them. I don't remember anyone at Sprint asking me about where I travel to and that the phone I bought won't work outside the country! No bother - this may not happen too many more times.

I am charging my iPod and camera over the weekend. I think my iPod can't be charged since I don't have iTunes on my work laptop and I don't know how to do it any other way. I'll survive and maybe the battery will as well. I have an adaptor so I can recharge the camera batteries and my laptop.

I went to the store yesterday to get those convenient travel size items...small mouthwash, facial wipes, hand sanitizer, shampoo, etc. I figure size matters and these things are perfect size to carry on the plane with me so I am not stuck if my luggage doesn't make it to my destination at the same time I do.

I'll post more another time on the emotional items for this trip! I am getting a lot of experience on working to LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Things are being taken care of in one way or another and I have to trust that. So for other life events that happen between now and the hour that I leave, I am working to BE PRESENT for so the trip doesn't take me longer than one week away from home.

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