Sunday, May 31, 2009

Counting down

A good friend described it perfectly...the waiting is sometimes the worst part. I think I am as ready as I am going to be for my trip to Bulgaria. I have money, I have clothes, I have all those little travel items. I am waiting for Monday to actually pack it in my suitcase. Then Tuesday will be those last minute things that get thrown in.

The great part is the work that I am going to do while I am there is already in my head (I have been doing it for quite a few years) and anything that I need to explain will just come up. I love explaining things to people! I really like programming so the QC steps that I'll be enhancing/putting in place will be fun. There aren't any scary presentations or new things I have to learn about the tasks. There isn't anything I have to sell or pitch to anyone. It's all in what I already know and then participating in any discussions that come up. I can do that!

I have made a list of appointments for the next week - really more for me than for my husband! They know what is on the calendar. They are able and willing to cook for themselves (they do most of that when I AM home!!). There have been quite a few people who have offered to help them out while I am gone. It is very nice to know that friends are making themselves available if the need arises.


Jennifer said...

I am going to miss you an hope they is a chance to see you before you go...wait, is it this week you go? Please call once you get back and enjoy yourself!

fran said...

I am so excited for you as you get ready to leave today!
I am going to miss my "next door neighbor" but I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures and wonderful enriching experiences.
Happy, happy, happy .... for you!!